The Generation Starships (GS) Project Edublog is designed for use by teachers, students and others interested in Science Fiction and particularly in the subgenre of Generation Starships within Science Fiction. This is what you can find here:

  1. The GS Project in 2017 looks at GS texts, including short stories, novels, poetry and films.
  2. This Project is built around comments and critiques on the texts suitable for teachers of Year 9 English students.
  3. Three focus questions  related to key concepts are used for all texts covered.
  4. There is also a section on the assessment of the studies, including the construction and presentation of a GS Model, with exemplars.
  5. The GS Project is primarily focused on studies in the Australian Curriculum: English at the Year 9 level, but useful hopefully for students and teachers either side of that delineation.
  6. The GS Project is a STEAM project, aiming at bringing in collaborative partnerships from disciplines other than English, in this case Visual Arts, Science and Digital Technologies.
  7. The site is designed to be used with ‘Flipped’ video resources for students introducing and discussing aspects of the GS Project. GS Project Flipped Talk #1 can be found here.
  8. The GS Project incorporates the use TPACK into teaching and learning. For students in Digital Technologies, Years 9 & 10, it incorporates a project to build a Kinect-based, gesture-driven GS Simulator (GS_Sim), and this can be found here.

This site is designed to be collaborative and responsive, used by a variety of people and AIs, but it is started by Michael Sisley

If you would like to comment on this page, please email the GS Project coordinator, or leave a Post. Thanks!