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GS Project Focus Questions

While the GS Project  was tested with students in a Middle Years Programme (MYP) school in Canberra, Australia, it is designed predominantly for the Australian Curriculum: English Year 9 level. Hopefully, it has a wider use even than these two frameworks.

The GS Project uses concepts that are relevant in the specific discipline of English but which also refer to other subject areas, in this case predominantly to Science, Information Technology, and Visual Arts.

The concepts are used to inquire into issues and ideas of global significance but also relate strongly to the student’s own community as well as their own particular and personal beliefs and understandings. Posed, as questions to students in relation to the many different GS texts, the key concepts are:

  1. What is worth holding onto over the generations?
  2. What should be discarded for the voyage? and
  3. Can life be sustained in the GS …or on Earth?

The questions are to be related to the texts noted in this project.



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